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1.00/5.00 3 days ago


They promote a giveaway if you leave a good review on Google. What a scam! I have spoken to the guy at his store before and believe me he is in NO WAY a pro with these devices.

1.00/5.00 6 days ago

"A man took it too quickly and damaged my phone charger."

Was here about 6 months ago about my phone. A man took it too quickly and damaged my phone charger. All I got was sorry. I have to buy a new phone. They don't cover anything to replace. Lessons will not hand over your phone and be careful here if you are not registered. I have a complaint record with Apple. The manager was unfriendly even though it was his representative who broke my phone.

1.00/5.00 2 weeks ago

"Painful experience."

Painful experience. Staff not helpful whatsoever. Glad to be with a different carrier. It's a lie, do not give cracked phones or messed up inside screen phones or slowed phones here. Came here for nothing and I am not happy about it.

1.00/5.00 3 weeks ago

"Not Good Company"

Make sure go there with money ask for exact amount and they dont tell you how much it will be plus tax 239.00$ jumped up to 260.00$ would been nivce if they would've told me straight up and then lady rushed me out off the office because i was taking to long to count my money plus i was second guessing it if she was trying too pull the wool over my eyes but i went tax calculator site said 260.00 but i would go somewhere else if your cellphone provider chargees you 275.00 for brand new phoneand they charging you 260.00 to replace the lcd screen i think i wouldve went with the brand new phone. Also she had the technition fix my phone first then tell me the full price. What type of customer service is that. Get a second opinion first call around.

1.00/5.00 1 month ago

"Wouldn't suggest"

Wouldn't suggest, fellow is either unknowledgeable or loaded with it. I asked about opening a Galaxy 8 I bought straightforwardly from Samsung about he let me know the product wasn't accessible yet (it is accessible) and to stand by a few months then return.

1.00/5.00 1 month ago

"Awful assistance"

Went in For A Quick Screen Repair since I was Stranded around the area, got charged $130 for New Front Screen. Subsequent to leaving the store same night my telephone fired misbehaving. Went in to the store a second time the following day to illuminate the person about what was happening and he acted Clueless Because it was "Another Screen". Awful assistance.

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