Top 10 Web Developers in India – 2023 Reviews

Top 10 Web Developers in India - 2023 Reviews

Web development is gaining a lot of limelight since more and more companies are trying to establish an online presence. With the increased cost of hiring and retaining developers, most companies prefer to go for offshore web development companies in India. Such companies provide developers at a cheaper rate and also ensure that they deliver enterprise-level quality in each project.

Even in India, there are thousands of web development and software consulting companies, but finding the best ones is always a challenging task. As we advance in this article, we will have a look at the top web development companies in India.

List of Top 10 Web Development Companies in India For 2023


1.   eSparkBiz

eSparkBiz is one of the few top web development companies in India with a CMMI-Level 3 rating for development processes. It has been leading the web development market in India for 12+ years now, and it has served 20+ client countries during this short span.

With a development team of 250+ developers and architects, the company has worked on numerous enterprise projects. 

eSparkBiz provides services like Frontend development, SaaS product development, Backend development, digital transformation, and application migration services for modern apps and ideas. If you are looking to build high-quality, scalable, and secure web apps on the cloud by leveraging the latest technologies, eSparkBiz is the best partner you can find.

  • Established On – 2010
  • Projects Completed – 1000+
  • Price – $15 to $25 / hr
  • Time Zone Availability – GMT, ECT, MET, IST, JST, ACT, AET, NST, PST, CST, EST
  • Min Project Size – $5,000+
  • Employees – 300+


2.   Bluelupin Technologies

Founded in 2013, Bluelupin technologies is a software development and consulting company aimed at helping small and medium-sized enterprises. The company provides web development services with expertise in multiple languages and frameworks like express, nodeJS, Laravel, Springboot, and .NET core.

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Bluelupin technologies employs many great cloud architects, and they have deep expertise in setting up and deploying apps on the AWS cloud. It can help you with AWS API Gateway, Cognito, Cloud Watch, Lambda, S3 storage, SQS, and even CloudFront.

Bluelupin engineers are also adept at creating bespoke UI for web apps using ReactJS, VueJS, and Angular. Moreover, they can also help you in containerizing and setting up apps for DevOps processes.

You should surely get in touch with this company if your aim is to develop and deploy apps on the AWS cloud.

  • Established On – 2013
  • Price – $25 to $49 / hr
  • Min Project Size – $25,000+
  • Employees – 250+


3.   Webethics

Webethics is a mobile and web development software company from India with 8 years of industry experience. In such a short time, the company has already worked with 600+ clients and delivered 1000+ projects for their clients.

The team at webethics can work with multiple technologies like PHP, NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular, WordPress, and Laravel. Moreover, they have a good grip on deploying software products over GCP, AWS, and Digital Ocean.

If you are looking for a wide number of technology options in your web apps and want to deploy the apps over GCP or Digital Ocean, webethics can be the right choice for you.

  • Established On – 2015
  • Projects Completed – 2000+
  • Price – < $25 / hr
  • Time Zone Availability – EET, IST, ACT, CST, EST
  • Min Project Size – $10,000+
  • Employees – 50+


4.   KiwiTech

KiwiTech is one of the top web development companies in India on this list, with 5k plus employees. Moreover, since it was established in 2009, this company has worked with some of the best clients in the world, and it has also opened several offices around the globe.

KiwiTech has experience in the latest technologies like React, Node, Angular, etc., and it can also build scalable backends for web apps using Ruby on rails, PHP, .Net, Flask, and many more.

Some of the services of this company include custom eCommerce development services, Enterprise web solutions, web portal development, SaaS development, etc.

  • Established On – 2009
  • Price – $25 to $49 / hr
  • Min Project Size – $10,000+
  • Employees – 1000+


5.   Axelerant

Started in 2012 as a small CMS development company, today, Axelerant is a full-fledged software development company that offers services in multiple segments.

By providing many different services, Axelerant has established a global presence across countries like India, the USA, the UK, Europe, and Middle-east Africa. It provides end-to-end frontend engineering services, and the team has already completed 50+ large frontend engineering projects.

Axelerant engineers can work with numerous frontend technologies like React, Angular, Svelte, React Native, Flutter, Electron, etc. Moreover, they can use Koa and NodeJS to power the backend for all web apps.

  • Established On – 2012
  • Price – $50 to $99 / hr
  • Time Zone Availability – ECT, EET, IST, EST, CNT
  • Min Project Size – $10,000+
  • Employees – 250+


6.   DotSquares

DotSquares is one of the most experienced web development companies on this list, with 21+ years of expertise and 12500 successful customer deliveries.

DotSquares is a web development firm that offers a variety of services to businesses and organizations seeking to build a robust online presence. They specialize in developing custom websites, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, and software development solutions that are suited to their client’s specific requirements.

This firm can create websites in PHP, WordPress,.NET, Java, and Python. This might be an excellent option if you’re searching for a business with substantial expertise in producing corporate apps.

  • Established On – 2002
  • Projects Completed – 20000+
  • Price – < $25 / hr
  • Time Zone Availability – EST, GMT
  • Min Project Size – $5,000+
  • Employees – 10000+


7.   Intertoons

Intertoons was established in 2007 as a custom software and web development company in India. Since then, it has worked on multiple international client projects and delivered excellent software products.

The company provides web development services in technologies like WordPress, Magento, and HTML-CSS. Moreover, its service catalog includes responsive website development, website redesign, Woo-commerce development, etc.    

It can be an excellent choice if you are looking to build simple websites with the help of any latest CMS technology.

  • Established On – 2018
  • Price – $25 to $49 / hr
  • Min Project Size – $5,000+
  • Employees – 50+


8.   Foreignerds INC

Foreignerds is a web development company that focuses on building nextgen web apps and redesigning mobile apps for excellent user experience. With a presence in the USA, Canada, and India, the company provides multiple services like UI/UX design and development, Consulting services, QA, Marketing, and many more.

It can be a great choice if you are looking to build end-to-end web apps covering the entire cycle of ideation, strategy, production design, QA testing, and deployment.

  • Established On – 2014
  • Price – $25 to $49 / hr
  • Min Project Size – $10,000+
  • Employees – 1000+


9.   Unico Connect

Unico is a boutique software development company that provides low-code and no-code development services along with regular services. The company can help you build scalable frontend experiences using Flutter, Angular, React, and Webflow. On the other side, their engineers can build backend services with Laravel or NodeJS.

It can be a significant choice for business owners who are looking to build websites faster by leveraging low-code and no-code technologies.

  • Established On – 2014
  • Price – $25 to $49 / hr
  • Time Zone Availability – IST
  • Min Project Size – $10,000+
  • Employees – 250+


10.  Deligence Technologies INC

Deligence technologies is a Salesforce development and consulting company headquartered in Canada with an office in India. It provides multiple services like web development, app development, and salesforce consulting for enterprise clients and their software needs.

  • Established On – 2014
  • Price – $25 to $49 / hr
  • Time Zone Availability – EST, PST, CST, MST, IST
  • Min Project Size – $5,000+
  • Employees – 50+



If you are looking for a software firm with extensive experience in salesforce development, this can be a great choice.

We have discussed the top web development companies in India above, and all of these companies are capable of delivering high-quality software in time. So get in touch with any of these, and you can start building futuristic websites quickly.