Best Online Business Reviews to Help You Make Your Right Decision

Best Online Business Reviews to Help You Make Your Right Decision

Top review platforms are a great place for customers to talk and share their experiences about a brand. These are also a great place to leave feedback and suggestions for the brand. The wider the range of the best online business reviews across top sites or social media platforms is considered to be great for a business. As the words spread, more customers become aware of the brand and decide if they wish to invest in any product or service.

Honest reviews generate additional attention towards the brand while a steady stream of negative ones indicates a clear problem with the brand. However not all consumer reviews online be trusted. It is important to understand that a business can have both genuine and fake reviews especially those posted by anonymous reviewers. The latter ones are often left by competitors or people who had a negative experience on their first visit.

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Often the credible and best reviews for a company will have a similar theme and one can quickly estimate the quality of the product and value for money. Although reviews themselves are an ideal attraction for new customers the ones put on the top business review sites are rated as credible instead of those propagated by the brand on its social media platforms or website. 



Why do customers like to visit business review sites?

Choosing business review sites to determine your purchase preferences is important. Studies indicate that 63% of online users take the help of research before investing in any brand. This shows that to make an informed decision, it is important to take help from a trusted source.

With the best online business reviews, one can easily gain confidence and trust in the business. Thus a couple of good reviews can bolster your confidence and help you to make a positive impact. This means that you can easily determine which of the lucrative deals and promotions mentioned online are worth your money. 

Thus online reviews are a powerful source that ensures that your money is invested in the right place. However, you must beware of investing money in businesses that –

  • Have zero reviews on top review sites
  • Have no recent business reviews on such channels
  • Businesses that do not respond to the negative reviews 
  • The business has multiple negative reviews across top business review sites, etc. 

Even if a business has negative reviews, it is important to take note of the communication methodology adopted to ensure that your selected service provider is worth it. If an attempt is made to ensure that the customer receives adequate redressed of the problems then you can invest in the same. This is because it is a sign that the business takes adequate steps to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Complaints that go unanswered can point negatively to a brand and can eat into its reputation and customer base. Investing in such a brand is risky. 


How to see if there are complaints about business?

With the best review sites for businesses, it becomes easy to understand the problems faced by customers on selecting a particular brand. It is also important to understand that not all products sold by the top retailers are worth your money.

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Some of these may have complaints against them which can be cleverly hidden or managed by an efficient PR or Online Reputation Management team. Despite this, the best online business review sites like ReviewFoxy help you to determine the actual standing of the business.


The best online business reviews sites

Contrary to popular belief, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter cannot be considered the true indicator of business quality. Although these are the first sources where customers post their major problems with their friends and family, it is tough to attain the ideal assessment of a brand through the media.

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Also, it is quite easy for influencers who are associated with a brand to lead the customer opinion toward brands with average quality.  To avoid making such a mistake and to ensure that you understand the brand you are investing into, look for unbiased reviews on these websites- 


1. ReviewFoxy

This is one of the top sites that help you to determine the actual service and product quality of your selected brand. The reviews are posted by genuine customers and careful consideration is accorded to the quality and assessment of the review. The site has an easy-to-use design and search capability that makes it good for research on your selected brand. 

It also has detailed information captured from its extensive user base that ensures that you get detailed information about online and offline businesses. Such extensive information is tough to find on other channels. 


2. Yelp

Yelp is an old-school review platform that started as a restaurant review site. It has today built a strong reputation for itself and covers almost all other major businesses. 

Unlike other platforms, it is not possible to edit reviews on Yelp. However, brands can communicate through their PR team to attain damage control. 


3. Better Business Bureau

This is a third-party website that shows customer reviews and ranks businesses on the base of – 

  • Years in business
  • Compliant history
  • Response to complaints, etc.


4. Trustpilot 

This is an influential online review site that allows customers to review airlines, mortgage brokers, etc. Customers can search brand according to X-rated or top X-rated sites.