Best Product Rating Sites to Find Consumer Reviews Online


Business review websites collect reviews from a large number of customers about the brands they invest in. This helps customers to gain honest feedback about the business they are dealing with.

Finding the quality of a particular product and brand is quite easy with the best consumer product review sites. Thus if you are confused as to if a particular brand is worthwhile then these help to ease the decision for you. Positive reviews help to create social proof and thus help you to feel comfortable about a new brand.

For those searching for the best local businesses in the area, these reviews improve your understanding of the business. It also helps to eliminate the odds of being stuck with an average business.


Importance of Consumer Product Review Online for eCommerce Store?

As the number of e-commerce sites increases around us, it has become difficult to differentiate between brands selling comparable products and services. Although several factors and parameters define the success and credibility of a store, the feedback left by the customers on the best consumer product review sites remains the primary source of seeking information about the products and services. Brands that ignore the importance of these reviews are often at a loss as they spend more time on optimizing site design, customer services, marketing plans, etc. without actually looking at the expected services and needs of the users.

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An e-commerce store needs to sustain its reputation as the best in the online marketplace especially due to the rise in competitive forces, marketing strategies and struggle to sustain customer loyalty. Instead of investing huge dollars in market research and branding firms, businesses need to manage their product review online.

The importance of consumer reviews online can also be judged from the fact that experts state that the same carry sufficient power to make or break a brand. This is because the quality of reviews influences the relationship of new customers with the store, builds loyalty and helps to deliver a free marketing strategy. 

Such online rating sites also define clearly the difference between brands and thus clarify to a customer why to choose one brand over the other. An e-commerce store with a good number of positive reviews and ratings shows strong attention to detail and this helps to gain more attention and profits. 


What Are The Benefits of Consumer Product Reviews?

One of the top benefits of assessing and researching using the customer reviews from the best consumer product review sites is that it helps to assess and provide information about the branding, customer satisfaction, marketing and positioning strategies adopted by the selected store. It also helps to understand and determine the quality of outcomes to be expected from a particular brand. As the buzz across a channel increases, it becomes easy to choose a brand and its offerings. 

  • For customers

Even if the customers do not know the reviewers personally still they focus on the feedback given. This acts like a chain reaction and this helps to bring more customers. Product reviews are also a great way to interact with brands and opinion leaders. 

By accurately conveying the information, it becomes easy to bring out loopholes in a brand. This leads to a positive experience for other consumers and helps them to think again about the brand. 

  • For brands 

 Customer reviews are integral to influencing the buying behaviour of individuals. Research shows that a large percentage of the users rely on reviews to evaluate and learn about the brand or the products. It is also observed that customers rely on feedback instead of settling for the product description. Thus 80% of customers are less likely to buy a product if it has poor or negative reviews.

When the stores display great reviews, it authenticates the brand and its performance. This also accords transparency and gives the customers a strong medium to raise their voices. 79% of the consumers trust the reviews instead of personal recommendations from close friends. 


What Are The Examples of Consumer Product Reviews?

A good review includes sufficient details and helps others to understand well what happened. It also helps to explain the top factors that lead to the so-called experience. Similarly, it is important to increase the relevance of your review. To do so, it is crucial to share your overall experience. It is not uncommon to observe that in certain cases, the reviews highlight a single problem while ignoring the other factors. Ideally, the review must have details about the factors like –

  • Overall quality
  • Feedback on service
  • Comparison of expected quality vs actual quality
  • Ratings and recommendations
  • Reasons for dissatisfaction, etc.

Although while writing reviews on the best consumer product review sites you need to adhere to the site guidelines and terms. Although there is no problem in writing a handful of words, in certain cases, it is important to write a detailed one so that others too can benefit from the experience. It is equally important to share your perspective and unbiased opinion.

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Even if the experience was negative, it is important to be civil in your review. You need to adopt a credible approach and explain the problem. Explain the overall situation, the problems and issues faced and let the audience drive the conclusion. 


Here are some sample reviews that must be avoided – 

  • The product is good
  • The overall experience is great
  • Wouldn’t recommend this product, the quality was average. 
  • Quality is good but better than competitors


Sample of good reviews –


  • Quick and easy to use

I am quite happy with the new earphones. The brand quality is awesome and after careful research, I bought the same. The same ticked all the boxes of quality. 

On the other hand, I would not give 5 stars as I believe the deal could be better for regular customers. 


  • The huge letdown in service

I am a regular at Jerry Cafe and had ordered their recent addition – Cream fruit salad. Not only was the quality average but also tasted stale. On complaint, the brand decided to offer a complimentary dessert and replacement. 

The latter was also unsatisfactory. 

The brand should make efforts to ensure that the quality of products is maintained.